Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Fashion Terminology

Do you know what is a chemise, camisole, peplum? Here are some of the terms you need to know about fashion. When studying fashion, I come across some interesting terms one need to know to be able to work with the best designers, stylists and models in town. These are the terms that anyone of us should be able to understand, remember and  even breathe it so that the next time you see an outfit, a dress or a piece of clothing, you can already call it by name. 

  • Cami or camisole is a sexy piece of cloth, almost like a lingerie that should always be worn underneath. If you plan it to wear as an outerwear, be sure that it is layered with something thick. It should not also be equaled to a corset which is usually laced up at the back and tighten in the middle.

  • Bling Bling - just like diamonds that shine brighter than ever, something shiny, shimmering jewelry worn by rappers. If you add more jewelry or necklaces, bracelets or rings that are sparkling, then you can call it a bling bling.

  • Wife beater - thin, ribbed tank usually worn by men like a "sando"Women can wear them too over a pair of mini skirt or leggings. Usually this comes out as a tank top and is normally white.

    • Floods - from the term suggest that this outfit can be worn during the flood. It rests above the ankle to lower calf and can be matched with flats. This is a trend today and no one knows that it's called a flood. Now you know.

    • Kitten heels - looks like the heels of the kitten, that is why it's called that way, this is stylized by Audrey Hepburn.It is usually 11/2 to 2 inches high. It can feminize any woman in the lower part of the body. By the way, every shoe is a woman's best friend, just like a diamond.

Prep- this word sounds familiar since we have been calling our look preppy. But, what does it really mean?It's a school look, it's a combination, thick plaid, polo tees, and pink, hand green, with fresh pieces for a clean look. 

Rugby tops - boldly striped collared or round neck shirts, that are usually worn on a rugby sport. A fitted shirt, usually with bright colors, it is sold in any store like Collezione or Lacoste.

  • Uggs- are sheep like boots for surfing that are admirable

  • Trainers- sneaker, athletic shoes that are trendy for both men and women.

  • Timbs - usually worn by  construction workers, these are ankle length boots are stylish and can be used for dancing too. From the word, timberland.

  • Old school - retro, vintage or previous is what old school means. When you say something from the 70s or 80s, it's retro old school.

  • Goth - anything black speaks of gothic...which includes dark eyeshadow and eyeliner.Whit and black are the monochromatic colors associated with gothic. 

  • Trucker hats - are hats that are collected by the truck drivers from every gasoline station. These are trendy hats that can be worn with any preppy look or even a casual laid back attire. It can run into different colors, but the most appealing is a yellow coated hat. 

  • Skater - strategically stylish like a long sleeves and short sleeves shirt, this look can be both grungy and street wear, just like a skater would use. Women can also sport this look by doning a pair of short sleeves jacket...Need not be always having a skating board just to have this look.

  • Newsboy cap- my favourite accessory since this can both catch attention and go trendy. Can be worn in any outfit but not with a corporate look.

  • Legwarmer - colored, striped socks that can be matched with a mini skirt and leggings or even a tight skirt plus boots. Just be careful of the colors. It might outshine the lower look. 

Now, you know some fashion terms? So you can describe your look now...

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