Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Newspaper into Fashion

There are three ways to save the environment: reuse, reduce and recycle.Nothing is more captivating by transforming waste into fashionable products and no one does this better than the Solo Parent Group headed by Ms. Luzviminda Madrinan who hails from San Rafael, Bulacan. This is an organization that seeks to help out solo parents both men and women who seek clean livelihood in the form of bag making. Without any formal fashion accessory schooling, this group of parents is both gifted and creative having transformed neglected newspapers into profit. We all know that we can make something out nof these news papers but we never knew it can be in the form of bags! And, truly, I love bags because bags envelop your life and they are a manifestation of your personal lifestyle. In every bag I wear, it carries with me my whole personal appeal and interests!

For those solo parents staying at home, I have a question for you: Why settle at home and do nothing when you can learn the art of bag making from waste and eventually earn from it? Mind you, it's not just waste,these are old newspapers which can be turned into fashionable pieces like the one I am wearing below:

The checkered blue polo with denim jacket perfectly befits the newspaper bag that can be used as a shopping bag, a tote, a fashionable piece, a tablet container or even an accessory item. What's good about this it can accommodate up to 5 kilos. So my shopping needs are all complete since I need not anymore carry any plastic bags. It's intricate designs and newspaper details make it more stylish so you can carry it wherever you go. You can even catch anyone's attention with this elegantly crafted and beautifully designed masterpiece of shall I say, hard work, perseverance and love of our solo parents. Look at what industry and patience can bring to fashion! With the dedication of these parents, they can make you including me, delighted as they bring us these newspaper carry along bags that are worthy of emulation by others. 

Check out what other fabulous items newspapers can turn into. These are brought to you by: 

Eco-friendly dyaryo bags for life which is a hardwork-oriented output of the San Rafael Solo Parents Federation. They even conduct seminars, so if you wanna take part in it, earn extra income, or earn a livelihood then, this is what you are waiting for! The income that can give you life. In addition,you are also helping the environment, increase awareness and promote local products. Aren't we supposed to do that after all?  I mean, we should go back to our roots and patronize "sariling atin" we need not anymore buy something foreign or branded and spend much when we can purchase this recyclable bag that speaks of culture, nature and future!

Intricately woven, this bag with its cultured handle can match any outfit from boho chic look to an urban defined style. The color contemplates with any outfit and shoes too. 

 Who knows this is made of newspaper? From afar, it seemed like an stitched fabric but if you look closely,the bag's style is reminiscent of a fifty's fashion era where women would love to wear ostentatious accessories. Surely, this bag can create envy among women. 

This cute handbags can be used as your kikay set when you want to place your make-up and other accessories. Distinct yet striking, this bag will make you go back to nature all the time!

Tote bags need not be made of the same material, canvass, leather or even plastic. It can be made out of newspaper and what a way to help the environment and still look fabulous by wearing this tote made exclusively from recyclable materials. 

I called this the handbag of the future, this awesome piece speaks of function and fashion. Delectably styled with a durable handle, you can definitely rock any cocktail dress and still carry this handbag. One-of-a-kind bag, you have nothing to worry about having a duplicate piece. 

But just how are these products made? A thesis proposal on the Consumers' Perception toward the eco-friendly bags made out of woven newspaper:Promoting Dyaryo Bags for Life Products" made by Laine Manalese described how these newspaper materials are turned into fashionable bags:

"The bag-making process begins with sheets of newspaper tightly rolled into small strips. The strips are woven by hand to form the base, sides and flaps of the bag. The number of strips used depends on the size of the bag and then followed creativity and taste. Braided twine or leatherette can be attached as trim or handles. Colorful beads or metal rings can also be added for style. Then finally a coat of lamination called laminating glue is applied over the newspaper for protection. Dyaryo Bags for Life even contacted artists to paint on some bags to make them more attractive and saleable. The making of the bags sounds like a lot of work but the worker’s hard works are well worth the effort. The finished newspaper bags are stunningly beautiful and fashionable."

So, don't just be fashionable for the sake of mother nature! Integrate both concepts and be environmentally stylish! Are you prepared to do this? I know I am. Thus, I am ordering more of these products. Why wait now? 

For orders and seminars, please contact Ms. Luzviminda Madrinan of San Rafael Solo Parent Federation at 0932-727-4347 and 0915-3242-571. Of course, like them on Facebook: Dyaryo Bags For Life!

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