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One of my favorite fashion songs of all time is Fashionista by Jimmy James, aside of course from Vogue by Madonna and Fashion by Lady Gaga and David Bowie. Here, I would like to share my introspective, provocative and detailed analysis of the song, well, perhaps, it needed one. 

To all the fashionistas, isn't it time for us to ponder on some good songs and don't rely only on the beat. Whether the song makes us wanna walk the runway, if you have one, or simply lift up that mood for shopping, styling or even beauty make-up, fashion songs have changed the mindset of stylish individuals to the point of experiencing LSS (last song syndrome). 


Are you readyHere we goYou should always be ready for fashion, always be stylish and wear the right the way, the world is our runway

Fashion is the artFashion is the most visible, intricate and intriguing concept of art)

Designers are the godsThey make fashion come alive. Without them, there can be no style or fashion.

Models play the part of angels in the darkModels can advance fashion, can restyle fashion, can make clothes look expensive and are called the mannequins of style.

Which one of you would ever dare to go againstThat beauty is a trade and everyone is paid

Recently, beauty has become a commodity. It is after all the multi-billion dollar business and has shaped  and influenced both men and women all over the world. When beauty is made and not born, it becomes a reality, from botox to plastic surgery, beauty nowadays becomes fake and that's because of so much advertisement that try to define our lives. Beauty is STILL in the eyes of the beholder and that's always been a fact. For some, beauty is relative but for others, beauty should be defined. I even once researched that there are levels of becoming beauty...CUTE, PRETTY, BEAUTIFUL, GORGEOUS, AND FINE. Whatever it is called, inner beauty is still what counts because your outside appearance is a reflection of your inner beauty. 

ChorusFashionistaHow do you look?Fashionista How do you look?Fashionista

The term fashionista is  a person stylish enough to call attention or interest or stop a truck. But, everyone is called fashionistas. The only thing that defines fashionista is that if you wear something trendy, modern, sophisticated or different, you are already called fashionista, but this is not the case. You can even wear just a tee, black belt, denim and sneaker and can be called fashionista.I think that fashionista is an expression of one's sense of style, which should not be absolute definition but a relative, personal and individualistic taste. 


(Beauty has a price)
Beauty again, as I say is the most expensive form of commodity in the world. Try to count billions of people wanting to look good and beautiful. Since most of us are visual people, everyone wants to see something beautiful. Who doesn't?

Fashion is the artDesigners are the gods

Models play the part of angels in the dark
Which one of you would ever dare to go against
That beauty is a trade and everyone is paid

New York, London, Paris, Milan
Tokyo, I think it's in Japan
Asia, Malasia, Las Vegas to play, L.A.
If you pay my way

Philippines is not one of the fashion capitals in the world. The countries above have already made a mark in the fashion industry. Because, it is so expensive and arduous to enter any of the fashion weeks in these destinations, I would simply watch them in FashionTV or Fashion one channels. But, my biggest dream which is in my bucket list is to watch any of these shows in Milan, GUCCI, in Paris, CHANEL , in NEW YORK, Michael Kors, in LONDON, Burberry..


What are you wearing?Who are you wearing ?What are you wearing?Who are you wearing?

The question nowadays is "Who are you wearing? instead of " What are you wearing?" That is because designers have left an impression that you and I are wearing their collection. You must not only know the label, you must also know the creative director/designer behind the label...The next time someone asked you, be sure you know how to answer such as" I am wearing Prada or Gucci or local designer Veejay Floresca, Renee Salud or Michael Cinco

 Schon, John, Calvin KleinDonna Karan's fashion lineValentino, YSLFerragamo and ChanelHalston, Gucci, FiorucciDon't forget my PucciFendi and ArmaniGod I miss GianniKenneth Cole, Michael KorsMr. Ford I can't affordD&G and BCBG

Among the brands stated above, my fave is Gucci, Michael Kors and Chanel because of their luxurious, expensive, high fashion and intricate details. By the way, they are the most imitative brands I know. When you to markets, you can always find Class A, replica brands.

Looking good is never easy

Looking good is easy for me...right clothes, right hair, right make-up, and of course right ATTITUDE. But, again one must have inner confidence to be able to wear a complete look. 

Alexandre Herchcovitch
Naomi Campbell's such a bitch

I do not think she is such. She is the most versatile, profound, professional and classic supermodel I know in the entire world. I don't care what others are saying, so as long she can deliver.

I wanna be delgada To fit into my Prada

Then again, we always say that for one to fit into anything, you must be tall and thin. But fashion can be suitable to any body types. One has to remember to appropriately suit the BODY to the attire/clothes rather than the other way around. 

Oscar de La Renta, Louis VuittonImitation of ChristBeauty has a price

Without beauty, do you think there can be fashion? Or, can there be beauty without fashion? Think about it...

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