Wednesday, December 31, 2014

My perspective about fashion

Sometimes, it is not how you wear that matters . It is something more than that.

When you try to find a good outfit, or a good combination resembling your style, as if you have, for some reason, you question yourself, is fashion really important?

Some might even say that being in fashion or wearing these stylish clothes may give you an edge, a pleasing appearance, but it may be fake..a show -off of what is really the content inside you.
I have already written articles on personality and fashion and never had I imagine that for some reason, fashion may at all be just a facade. For some it is, but for me , it is very important. Remember when we were young, when our parents will try to dress us up, and becoming our stylist ALONG the way, Remember how we hated the color, texture and even the appearance of having that look be laughed at and ridiculed.

As we grow and find fashion all around us, we become so conscious, specially teens. But, come, 20 something, have you noticed that some people just ignore fashion altogehter for the sake of finding a decent jod, a family, a girlfriend or a good paying career. Isn't it not that our personality has been influenced by fashion? I have been giving you some rhetorical and thought provoking questions, byt at the end of the day, fashion becomes immensely vital to our senses that the sweater, cardigan or jacket which for some may simply be the same, come from a group of designers, stylists, editors, and public relations who want to make people look good. After all, is it not that outer beauty is a multi billion dollar business, and that includes fashion.

Fashion has shaped the way you and I view life. It sets trends, styles, backward and forward design essentials, music and even sports. It has known to become the most influential in the teenagers today aside from aside from music, pop and showbizness. But, all these three can't live without fashion. Imagine walking into a room full of glamorous clothes for all occasions. I would be very climactic! Would you!

The reasons why fashion has shaped/influenced/took a turn in my life as an individual are:

1)  Since I was a kid, I really loved fashion. I played with them, even helped in the hosting of mini events that depicted fashion, just for our kids though. I would play the stylist, dressing up people and buying stuff for them to wear, only just a game.

2)  I have always loved models on tv walking on the runway and I would envy their walk, clothes, their face and stature.

3) Colors - of different names have I memorized even when I was a kid,.I would know if it's lavender not lilac, teal, not blue, and cerulean not sky blue.

4) Growing up exposed me to different fashion shows as I was a member of a youth organization where our project was  a Miss Gay Pageant in 1995 and a Fashion show in 1996.

5)  After that several events on fashion took place as I began organizing Miss Freshmen, Miss Sociology and Miss Commerce in college.

6) I also joined the Mr. University pageant where I won Second RUNNER up.

7) After that, I busied myself reading fashion magazines, watching shows on tv and even  memorizing different styles in fashion.

Maybe, fashion for some is shallow. Since, it is only about the  dress, no it is not! It has moulded me , and maybe all the other renowned fashion designers there that could say that aside from fashion as a form of artistic expression, it is a life-changing experience that could help anyone to look good, to feel good when they shop the best clothes and to get the best partner because you look goooooood. Isn't tnis somehting that fashion has brought to the world. So that all of us can look pretty and handsome all the time despite all the hardships, hassles, and unfortunate events we have to go through.

Lastly, fashion for me has been a  partner in all my undertakings since looking good and feeling good about yourself means you are doing yourself a favor, not simply to impress others but to remind yourself and I that there is still a bright, wonderful moment out there, when you DRESS well, and others say, HEY DUDE, you look good!

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