Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Dr. Martens boots

Of all the boots I have worn, nothing beats that ultimate, high quality and stylish leather boots that are Dr. Martens. I just love how those boots fit perfectly into my feet and how they complete my uber fashionista look. I currently have four pairs and thank God I can wear them all along with jeans, trousers or chinos. Check out my different looks below.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Fashion Styling Tips


1) EARRINGS - USE THEM SPARINGLY.. unless you don't want it to overshadow your outfit..Use studs and dangling alternately.

2. NECKLACE - If your outfit already has a statement stud, design, embroidery, accent, sequin, do not anymore put on a necklace because it will overrule the outfit. THE LESSER, THE BETTER.

3) SHOES  -  Match the color of your shoes with either your bag, pants or the entire outfit. Do not wear socks that are the same color of your shoes unless it is white or black. Be careful with colors, it can work or not work for you.

4) TIE - ties should only be worn with a long sleeve polo, not with a barong, a short sleeve, a polo or t-shirt. If your long sleeve has stripes or accent, avoid ties with prints or pattern. On the other hand, ties with pattern or print should be used with plain colored, monochromatic polo. A bow tie will work but do not wear them all the time.

5)  TOPS/BOTTOMS - the polo, shirt, blouse, whatever the design is should matched in color, style and design with the bottoms you are wearing. Colors should be limited to three. Four colors, and you will look like somebody selling ice cream. Combining tops and bottoms should be limited to three, IF it is a four -piece, make sure they are color coordinated. 

6)  COLOGNE- use perfume, cologne only when you have taken a bath. You do not want your odor mixed with that expensive eau de toilette, otherwise, people will run away from you, even the BEES....

7)  BRACELET - the less sounding it is, the better. Stick to two to three colors only. It should matched with the outfit. You can wear them as may as you like if you are wearing a plain tank top and some denim shorts...

8)  BAGS-  A small bag is for the party, a large one for travel, a medium for office. If you do not plan to carry any bag, and you end up shopping, avoid carrying plastic (BUT WE CANNOT AVOID THEM). Recyclable bags should be always at hand, whenever you go out. You might never know what you can buy when you drop by an urban bazaar. 

9)  SOCKS -- should not be multicolored. Avoid wearing them when you are with sandals, but please do wear one with leather and sneaker. Color should match either the pants and shoes. Avoid those striped, patterned socks. For guys, please have them long enough so that when you cross your legs, your skin will not show. For girls, shoe socks, or sandal protectors should not be seen.

10) UNDERWEAR -  When you are wearing a skimpy, see through slacks, a T-back may be useful (if you can carry them without hurting yourself) , so that your bikini line will not show. For boys, avoid wearing  underwear that catches the audience of your back, as it seems that everybody now a days wears similar branded stuff. Use fabric conditioner all the time to preserve the garter and texture of the underwear. Should you need styling tips from me, or want to make over yourself, just leave your comments below and I'll be happy to reply to you immediately.

Men's Must have Accessories




You can never go wrong with a pair of green boots that is edgy and sexy.

The pair of eyeglasses and cellphone case are a must have.

Those Marithe Girbaud Bag are a knock out in this look.

Those mustard long coat are really adorable

Edgewear Appeal

If there are ladies strutting Kosmos cocktail and spring collection, there are also guys showing our round neck t-shirts from our male fashion brands: Super Dry, Edgewear, My Home, Designers and Tom Tailer. The models are from the DLSU. They are also wearing accessories by the Stylista and modelling knapsacks of Heredia by Kultivo. Check out the photos below by Mark Guerra. All these shirts are available at Kosmos Philippines. Check out website 

 The Edgewear Shirt matched with an Oxygen newspaper boy hat. Capri denims and loafers complete the look. 

 Superdry fatigue shirt with a striped brown scarf over a capri denim and white loafer by Onesimus. 

 Edgewear Statement shirt with sunglasses and loafer. This shirt is just perfect as it is. 

 My Homme long sleeves round neck tees with prnt over vintage har and loafers. 

Red round neck tee with print over a brown scarf and capri denims. Brown loafers complete this look. 

Bluish Fashion Look

Today,I decided to go for summer and since it has been hot since the past week, and mind you, very cold at night, I went for an all blue outfit with of course a tote bag by Belladona of yellow and green snake-like combi to contrast my all blue look. My fas-yon for the day was going for that printed beach shirt and powder blue denim and some sneakers of the same color. 

Style tip for the day: this look is formidable/tricky since not everybody can carry this outfit/look. For the Bluer than blue look, try going from printed to plain colors from your shirt to footwear. Remember, that the Stylista, which is me is great at combining colors, thus this look is right out perfect. I was praised for bringing some life to all hues of blue.But, you have to have great skin to be able to rock the all blue ensemble. Thanks to Lanelle Skin Care system, I got to have an all glowing and transparent skin despite the hot weather we have in the country. Check out what and who I was wearing this day: 

Two-toned Shades: Classified

Tote bag: Belladona

Printed shirt: Markus of SM Dept. Store 

Denim Pants: Bench 

Blue Sneaker: Mario d Boro 

Necklace: Landmark

Belt:  Wade

Spiked bracelet by: Purple Flair

Are you now ready for summer? I know I am...

But, in this case, I am not going to the beach...I am just attending a fashion bazaar and meet my sponsors, PX BOX AND CHATOYER ET ETINCELER...Watch out for my posts for these two fabulous products...

Street Style has never been the same

Are you tired of wearing those same round-neck statement shirts? Or those plain monochromatic tees that do not stand out specially when you are in denim pants?Well, don't worry because Crimson is reinventing the way men wear t-shirts and women carry blouses plus, of course, we do not forget that only Crimson manufactures quality denim long pants that speak both function and fashion. 

This year, as summer is fast approaching, Crimson is on the edge of redefining everyone's sense of fashion as they deliver its 2013 Summer Collection recently shown at the Times Square Fashion Bazaar at SMX Convention Center Hall 4. The collection spoke of urban for guys and sophistication for ladies. It gave summer a whole new meaning with defined stripes, high quality fabrics and sexy silhouettes that flaunt the female figure and define the male body structure. With denim pants that fit any type of legs Truly, you will never find something more stylish and elegant than Crimson. Here is a sneak peek of Crimson Summer 2013 Collection at the Fashion Show. Accessories are by Purple Flair while knapsacks are by Heredia of Kultivo. 

The sheer printed top covered with a brown blazer with denim pants definitely speak of an urban chic, a look that is both effortless yet functional since you can wear this get up while going shopping or having dinner dates with friends and loved ones. 

Going to a party and thinking of nothing to wear? Crimson delivers this tangerine cocktail dress that flaunts the female body. As it delicately follows your curve, you don't need to be ashamed of a shapeless figure or putting on a belt when you can simply put on this dress and Voila! Sexy look on the go. 

This two-toned top with black short pants is a perfect look for summer as the color of this year includes yellow. The black and gold combination is just enough not to catch attention but still looks classy and elegant. You can even wear this with a blazer and attend a meeting.

Worried about how to wear those green cardigans? Well, Crimson introduces you to this V-neck printed gray shirt which is a perfect undertone for a green cardigan. With denim long pants, this boy-next-door look is good to go either you're going out with friends or maybe chilling out on a bar during this hot season.

This striped long sleeves with hood speaks of a school boy look. With denim long pants and sneakers, you can catch any girl you like. It speaks of both style and comfort. This look is a get-go, from clubbing to shopping, even to going around the metro. This look by Crimson will never let you down.  

The gray and dark green combination of Crimson shirt is definitely a must-have. What is comfortable may not necessarily be stylish but this look, with those denim pants are a way to flaunt your skin, specially for guys now who are conscious about how they look. Ready for summer? This Crimson look is a start.

As Crimson always tries to redefine style, this long-sleeve checkered, button-down polo is a great way to show your muscular frame. A perfect getup for attending an important event, or even going on a date with your girlfriend. Aside from denim pants, it can also go with black trousers or khakis.  

Guys, if you want to look bigger than you are now, then go for bold stripes over white like this polo shirt specifically made by Crimson. Orange is one of the colors of summer and definitely, this shirt is a knock-out. No need to tuck it into your pants, just let it loose as it is, and you will feel both the style and comfort just by simply wearing it as is. 

Another casually laid back look that is wearing a white polo shirt over jeans. The muscle fit of the sleeve is perfect for guys to display their look while going for that clean, boyish yet sexy appeal. 


With all these unique looks, all I can say is that Crimson is a brand of its own that sets apart from the clothing industry because of its specially crafted and intricately designed clothing lines that are not only trendy and hip but stylishly elegant as well. 

Like them on Facebook: Crimson Re-invented and go to your nearest department store and grab these fabulous apparels now! With Crimson, street fashion as well as urban style will never be the same again as it brings out a brand new you every time you wear their delectably manufactured shirts, blouses, pants, and jackets. Finally, you will never see an apparel that has the same style as Crimson designs their collection with one-of-a-kind theme and eye-catching colors and fabric. You will even get everyone's attention as they see you flaunt Crimson's coordinated prints and stripes. 

And, what's more, the price is not heavy on your pocket. Crimson needless to say speaks affordability and style: two things that many of us are looking nowadays. Why settle for an expensive clothing when you can grab a Crimson Shirt or blouse and still look fabulous?

So, what are you waiting for? Buy Crimson apparels now and RE-INVENT YOUR SENSE OF STYLE!

Accessories for your bag

One of the things that I can't live without is a bag. A bag envelops your lifestyles and speaks about your personality. Personally, I love big tote bags because it can accommodate anything from my kikay kit, umbrella, cellphone, shades and eyeglasses, wallet, IDs and other stuff.Anyway, whether I go shopping, attend a fashion show or photo shoot, or just go to the library and do my research, I usually carry along with me a bag which can be in the form of satchel, tote, transparent of fringe bag like the one below:

This fringe accessory is so in right now that you can undeniably get anyone's attention, even the guard at the MRT because of its style and color.Then, it can fit anything and is lightweight. But, the problem is that where to leave my bag in case I go to the powder room, let us in a fine dining restaurant.

Also, I leave my bag in secured locations if I have to attend meetings or make a personal conversation. It is very awkward to carry along bags with you, right? The good news is that you can now leave your precious accessory and other personal belongings inside because there is now what you call a locked type bag holder...specially crafted with semi-precious stone by the one and only accessory genius. Marshella Jamaira Tan... Now you can lavishly leave your bag and not worry that it will get lost. This bag was still there when I left them because of this  holder that works as an accessory and a lock.With   crystals  and the color of its stone, your belonging will always stay secure, what's more, it is one stylish way of accessorizing your handbag, tote, knapsack,  satchel, shoulder bag or even envelope bag. Truly, this is a must-have for all ladies and gents out there.  

Check out Chatoyer et Etinceler locked type bag holder in different shapes, colors and stones. See, Marshella Jamaira Tan can really transform any stone or metal for that matter into this fabulous piece. Not only that she can make necklaces, earrings, rings or bracelets, she can make one like this too. With accented inspirations from butterfly, flowers, hearts or even elements, this bag holder is INDEED a must-have.  

At only P 500.00 each, who knew that your bag is just fastened and secured this it is made of steel metal with carvings of previous stones and elaborate designs and colors. Why not grab one now! For orders, contact Ms. Marshella Jamaira Tan at 0922-526-8273, Like Chatoyer et Etinceler on Facebook. 

With Chatoyer Et Etinceler, you will not only shimmer and sparkle, you can SHINE LIKE A STAR!!!

Skin Care Tips

Ever wonder where I got these awesome transparent skin that seems so glorious? I did not have this skin when I was growing up. During my teenage years, I used to have pimples just like any other teens. Then I tried different products from the overpowering bleaching cream to the over-the-counter whitening soap. I even tried a collagen powder and a moisturizing oil for my skin. But lately, my sister and Ate Velbeth Demot  introduced me to this wonderful skin care system that is so effective that I need not worry of using or even combining other skin care regimen anymore. My skin acne got erased totally, and never grew back, blemishes  became untarnished and there was not even a sign of acne. What's more, the products at Lanelle Skin Care are BFAD approved, hypo-allergenic and dermatologically-tested which means it is really safe to use since manufacturers have already studied Asian skin and our weather condition to perfect the most suitable skin care products.  Trust me, not just because I am the brand ambassador of Lanelle, these skin care products will give you your best beauty and will transform you into a NEW YOU! You will not even recognize yourself! When I started using the bleaching cream, my skin got stretched that I started to notice it's getting fairer and fairer each day! Now I can truly say, "Only Lanelle touches my skin, who touches yours?"

"Only Lanelle recommends Lanelle Skin Care series to achieve the maximum benefits of Lanelle products. Each beauty set is especially designed to cater specific face and body skin problems and with proper usage, you will be amazed by the results."Example of this basic skin care line is below:

  • Lanelle Black Soap 
  • Lanelle Kojic Soap
  • Skin Whitening Lotion 
  • Skin Moisturizing Lotion 
  • Acne Cream 
  • Peeling Cream 

These six products of Lanelle are the basic skin care series for your face and for your body.

But, you might ask me, How do I get perfectly illuminated skin?Here are my personal secrets:

  • Sleep, sleep, sleep. An adequate eight hour sleep including a nap during day time will rejuvenate your skin and improve elasticity. 
  • Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. I avoid all sorts of oily, fatty and salty foods. Remember, we are not getting younger thus, healthy living is reflected on the quality of your skin.
  • Do not combine any skin regimen with other products. Stick to one brand for skin care. From your soap, facial wash, toner, moisturizer, cream, lotion and sunblock gel. Any integration with other products may not prove to be effective on your skin. So, try to be loyal to one brand only. In my case, I only use Lanelle products all throughout. 
  • As much as possible, avoid the sun. If only there is a Vitamin D supplement, I would take it. The sun does not only damage your skin, it takes away the youthful beauty in you. 
  • Take plenty of water. I drink at least 10-12 glasses a day to re-hydrate myself and keep my skin glowing all day. 
  • Take Vitamin E supplements and most of all take collagen. As we grow, these vitamins are ripped away drastically, so we have to supplement ourselves so that we can get that lovely skin all the time.
  •  Happy thoughts, smile and good aura each day. Nothing beats a good mood the whole day and that mood, that attitude, that mindset is reflected on your skin. As much as possible, try to think only the good memories and smile: it's the best make-up you can have at no cost! And definitely, exercise!
  • Always clean your face before going to bed. Even if you are sleepy, try to moist a piece of cotton then take off that make-up or dirt on your face. Nothing feels much better than a clean face.When you wake up, at least you won't be shocked by looking at your face!
  • Apply mask regularly and visit a dermatologist once a month for your skin care tips and maintenance. 
  • Having a good skin can be costly, but you should know your own skin before applying any skin care regimen. See to it that it's dermatologically- tested and BFAD approved so that you won't get worries. Take note that the only way for any kind of beauty to shine is through his or her skin. With that, LANELLE SKIN CARE offers you a wide variety of products that is suited for your skin. Why don't you try them now? 

For orders, message them on facebook: Lanelle Skin Care International or contact them at these numbers:  0907-514-73930916-695-80000923-534-0777(02)  446-9949 and visit their site at: for more product information and testimonials. 

Developing your self-image

Let's face it! Not all of us have the same self-esteem. Others are very high to the point they can be pompous while for some, a low image of oneself depicts insecurity and lack of self-confidence. One way to overcome these issues is to read a self-improvement book. Here, I will show you and recommend the books which I have been reading for the past year and have applied if not all the lessons I learned in this book. One thing to remember is that not every advice or scenario works for all. What can work for me may not work for you. But, if you happen to pass by the library or a bookstore, try browsing some of these books which will not only build your self-esteem but will also develop your inner beauty, self-confidence, poise, aura, perspective of others, happiness or outlook in life. 

An entertaining look at the world of NEW YORK FASHION and the cutthroat fashion industry. What it's really like to work in a fashion magazine...a job million girls would DIE for!

It presents an overall look at the inner and outer beauty tips, techniques and health well-being explaining to us the medical and physiological aspects of outer beauty...Beauty is really more than SKIN DEEP.

It details the history and evolution of seduction and how stars and people influence us with their charm, looks, intelligence, prowess, bravery, generosity, wealth and power. 

It presents a powerful tool of what you can do with the MIND and what the MIND can do for you...What you perceive, your body will achieve.

It includes 71 motivating chapters of more proven success methods to enable you to get whatever you want...Happiness...Love...Success...Wealth...Influence....Power... Popularity...Fame

It presents a holistic, integrated, principle-centered approach for solving personal and professional problems. It reveals a step-by-step pathway for living with fairness, integrity, service and human dignity.

Visual Merchandising Ideas

One of the main objectives of any business is to earn a huge amount of profit. In order to this, merchandising businesses have to sell their products at the most feasible, attractive and prudent way in order to attract buyers, re-sellers and advertisers alike. I, for instance, look around stores in the Metro to find out their styling aesthetic because the window actually will tell you if you have to go inside or just walk away. Some windows are more attractive than the others. It is the job of the store stylist to make it look not only presentable but chic, modern, not "cheap", classy and most of all economical. The value of the window display dictates the profit of the company because the window is the fronliner of these businesses even without customer representatives telling the buyers what they are selling. It's a cutthroat business. Every store wants to look their best but only a FEW can make my cut for the most dashing displays there are. Here are some of the windows I found at Lucky Chinatown Mall, along Binondo area:

No, they are not selling herbal products. They are selling baguettes. It looks like an art museum or some sort, but this is not your ordinary bakery. A look on the inside will reveal more than just bread.

Sometimes, shoe stores are boring but this one caught my attention because of its color coordinated arrangement and interior simplicity.

Who says kids' store are not stylish? This one says it all: modern, ultra-hip and classy. Looks expensive yes, but once you go inside, the prices are well within your reach.

Who does not love a woman in a perfume ad? Well, this one is not only sexy but depicts power and influence over both men and women.

A black mannequin, though scary, is good to flaunt the clothes. Be sure that clothes are colorful such as this so that it won't camouflage with the mannequin itself.

Paintings that paint life

You know what I really admire painters not only because of their gift but more on their ability to bring life to art, bring culture to our hearts and personify beauty. Recently, I visited the National Center for Culture and the Arts and saw some amazing painting of different architectures by one of our local artists. The paintings are by Virgilio Aviado and the gallery is entitled For Love of Heritage.  We are really fortunate to have such creative, noteworthy and talented artist. Here the paintings I am talking about: