Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Visual Merchandising Trends 2015

 Gold Plates are already here and since the black and gold are a good combination, I opted to place them in the Inches Boutique, Trinoma Mall. For this store window, since shoppers would also love to wear the punk, 80's and goth look, the cocktail dresses, blazers and even trousers display the gold plated material and color. 

The shoes are also amazingly high fashion as the store also captivates that Paris women boot style with studs. Also, some spikes and gold plated come over will also dazzle your precious feet. The attire above cal also be matched with the shoes below. 

The trends in visual merchandising now encompasses both black and gold and even flesh and beige colored undertones. Be sure that the clothes you wear either match your shoes or the accessories you wer. 

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