Friday, October 17, 2014

Bags that are stylish

Bronze bag from CAVA
Bronze bag
Blue satchel from Kimbel
Black clutch from Salvatorre Mann
Clutch from Maldita
A bag I got from Ukay Ukay
Red bag from Marithe Francois Girbaud

Bags are my favorite accessories. I JUST could not live without them, wherever I go, whatever I do, I should always have the bag to put on my most essential and stylish things: purse, wallet, phone, keys, umbrella, eyeglasses and even hand sanitizer, perfume and lotion. IF women are for shoes, I am for bags.Check out some of my looks here.Which is your favorite?

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Stylish Hats

Hat from Salvatorre Mann
Hat from Forever 21
Hat from Celio
Hat from Terranova
Hat from Oxygen
Hat from Forever 21
Hat from Forever 21
Hat from Forever 21

There are many kinds of hat. There is fedora, newspaper boy, baseball, basketball cap, fur hat, and many others. Sometimes, my look will not be complete if I will not wear any hat or something on my head. THIS post will show you my dear readers some of the best hats there are.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

WINTER at its finest

JUST love how the fur, plaid, coats, cashmere and cotton blend together in this all out winter outfits which I truly love. DESPITE the scorching heat in the Philippines, I still wear most of these outfits in extreme glamour and style. Sabi nga nila tiis ganda or simply sacrificial style.Some of these looks are truly remarkable  that they can stand it on its own.I can wear these whenever I like, wherever I like. LOVE WINTER. LOVE FUR.


Even if December is not yet here, we should already plan for summer, that is why, I am ready for anything floral, prints and stripes. You know very well that it is very hot here in the Philippines, that is why I always wear something comfortable and stylish. The thing about comfort is that you should not sacrifice style and glamour.Not only thabinompt you need to look good, you have to feel good about it, even if you are wearing a floral top over a sunny garden, just like my photos above.

MEN should have color too

You know why men are afraid of colors is because they fear being overstyled, look feminine, or ridiculed. Yes, wearing colors are a tricky part in fashion, you can either overthink it and look flashy and shall I say, clowny, but then I love colors, I cannot live without color in my life. EVERY bit of my outfit has a color in it even if I am wearing a polo barong and black trousers as my uniform. HERE, I present to you the various outfits I love that wears colors but still look good

BURBERRY forever

One of the most iconic brands there is in fashion is Burberry.The brand is the best brand there is when it comes to menswear.The stripes are very iconic that you cannot leave without. The best about Burberry is its English appeal which represents quality, high fashion and enduring style.

Black appeal

Just love how the black suit resembles fashion and glamour.The love of black is one of my favorite looks. The leather material, black coat, long coat, and fedora hat are one of the best combinations ever assembled in fashion. I will try some of these looks and wear it even just merely going to the mall.These looks are styled well up to the last detail. You can wear this during spring or fall, but better wear it during fall.

FASHION TV sneak peek

You know what I like about fashion tv, they just give u the edge, ideas and energy in fashion. Whether the looks are from spring, summer, winter or fall or from New York, Paris, Milan, and London, all the fashionable finds, the gorgeous models, the glamourous looks and the intricate designs are simply found in Fashion tv. CONTACT YOUR local cable channel and set your own style, get fashion and design ideas and let the world br your runway.

Favorite Blogger Looks

I just love how these looks compliment mu skin tone. The colors are eccentric and outstanding. The fun, laughter and joy that brings inside me once I wear these outfits. Whether it's a sunny or rainy day, these clothes are amazing and wearing them gives me whole. I WANT to be fashionable all the time and this is the only way I could think of. LOVE fashion and love styling myself.By the way, I just want to ask which one is your favourite?

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Boy's Fashion Styling

If there are ladies strutting Kosmos cocktail and spring collection, there are also guys showing our round neck t-shirts from our male fashion brands: Super Dry, Edgewear, My Home, Designers and Tom Tailer. The models are from the DLSU. They are also wearing accessories by the Stylista and modelling knapsacks of Heredia by Kultivo. Check out the photos below by Mark Guerra. 

 The Edgewear Shirt matched with an Oxygen newspaper boy hat. Capri denims and loafers complete the look. 

 Superdry fatigue shirt with a striped brown scarf over a capri denim and white loafer by Onesimus. 

 Edgewear Statement shirt with sunglasses and loafer. This shirt is just perfect as it is. 

 My Homme long sleeves round neck tees with prnt over vintage har and loafers. 

Red round neck tee with print over a brown scarf and capri denims. Brown loafers complete