Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Edgewear Appeal

If there are ladies strutting Kosmos cocktail and spring collection, there are also guys showing our round neck t-shirts from our male fashion brands: Super Dry, Edgewear, My Home, Designers and Tom Tailer. The models are from the DLSU. They are also wearing accessories by the Stylista and modelling knapsacks of Heredia by Kultivo. Check out the photos below by Mark Guerra. All these shirts are available at Kosmos Philippines. Check out website 

 The Edgewear Shirt matched with an Oxygen newspaper boy hat. Capri denims and loafers complete the look. 

 Superdry fatigue shirt with a striped brown scarf over a capri denim and white loafer by Onesimus. 

 Edgewear Statement shirt with sunglasses and loafer. This shirt is just perfect as it is. 

 My Homme long sleeves round neck tees with prnt over vintage har and loafers. 

Red round neck tee with print over a brown scarf and capri denims. Brown loafers complete this look. 

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