Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Accessories for your bag

One of the things that I can't live without is a bag. A bag envelops your lifestyles and speaks about your personality. Personally, I love big tote bags because it can accommodate anything from my kikay kit, umbrella, cellphone, shades and eyeglasses, wallet, IDs and other stuff.Anyway, whether I go shopping, attend a fashion show or photo shoot, or just go to the library and do my research, I usually carry along with me a bag which can be in the form of satchel, tote, transparent of fringe bag like the one below:

This fringe accessory is so in right now that you can undeniably get anyone's attention, even the guard at the MRT because of its style and color.Then, it can fit anything and is lightweight. But, the problem is that where to leave my bag in case I go to the powder room, let us in a fine dining restaurant.

Also, I leave my bag in secured locations if I have to attend meetings or make a personal conversation. It is very awkward to carry along bags with you, right? The good news is that you can now leave your precious accessory and other personal belongings inside because there is now what you call a locked type bag holder...specially crafted with semi-precious stone by the one and only accessory genius. Marshella Jamaira Tan... Now you can lavishly leave your bag and not worry that it will get lost. This bag was still there when I left them because of this  holder that works as an accessory and a lock.With   crystals  and the color of its stone, your belonging will always stay secure, what's more, it is one stylish way of accessorizing your handbag, tote, knapsack,  satchel, shoulder bag or even envelope bag. Truly, this is a must-have for all ladies and gents out there.  

Check out Chatoyer et Etinceler locked type bag holder in different shapes, colors and stones. See, Marshella Jamaira Tan can really transform any stone or metal for that matter into this fabulous piece. Not only that she can make necklaces, earrings, rings or bracelets, she can make one like this too. With accented inspirations from butterfly, flowers, hearts or even elements, this bag holder is INDEED a must-have.  

At only P 500.00 each, who knew that your bag is just fastened and secured this it is made of steel metal with carvings of previous stones and elaborate designs and colors. Why not grab one now! For orders, contact Ms. Marshella Jamaira Tan at 0922-526-8273, Like Chatoyer et Etinceler on Facebook. 

With Chatoyer Et Etinceler, you will not only shimmer and sparkle, you can SHINE LIKE A STAR!!!

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