Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Street Style has never been the same

Are you tired of wearing those same round-neck statement shirts? Or those plain monochromatic tees that do not stand out specially when you are in denim pants?Well, don't worry because Crimson is reinventing the way men wear t-shirts and women carry blouses plus, of course, we do not forget that only Crimson manufactures quality denim long pants that speak both function and fashion. 

This year, as summer is fast approaching, Crimson is on the edge of redefining everyone's sense of fashion as they deliver its 2013 Summer Collection recently shown at the Times Square Fashion Bazaar at SMX Convention Center Hall 4. The collection spoke of urban for guys and sophistication for ladies. It gave summer a whole new meaning with defined stripes, high quality fabrics and sexy silhouettes that flaunt the female figure and define the male body structure. With denim pants that fit any type of legs Truly, you will never find something more stylish and elegant than Crimson. Here is a sneak peek of Crimson Summer 2013 Collection at the Fashion Show. Accessories are by Purple Flair while knapsacks are by Heredia of Kultivo. 

The sheer printed top covered with a brown blazer with denim pants definitely speak of an urban chic, a look that is both effortless yet functional since you can wear this get up while going shopping or having dinner dates with friends and loved ones. 

Going to a party and thinking of nothing to wear? Crimson delivers this tangerine cocktail dress that flaunts the female body. As it delicately follows your curve, you don't need to be ashamed of a shapeless figure or putting on a belt when you can simply put on this dress and Voila! Sexy look on the go. 

This two-toned top with black short pants is a perfect look for summer as the color of this year includes yellow. The black and gold combination is just enough not to catch attention but still looks classy and elegant. You can even wear this with a blazer and attend a meeting.

Worried about how to wear those green cardigans? Well, Crimson introduces you to this V-neck printed gray shirt which is a perfect undertone for a green cardigan. With denim long pants, this boy-next-door look is good to go either you're going out with friends or maybe chilling out on a bar during this hot season.

This striped long sleeves with hood speaks of a school boy look. With denim long pants and sneakers, you can catch any girl you like. It speaks of both style and comfort. This look is a get-go, from clubbing to shopping, even to going around the metro. This look by Crimson will never let you down.  

The gray and dark green combination of Crimson shirt is definitely a must-have. What is comfortable may not necessarily be stylish but this look, with those denim pants are a way to flaunt your skin, specially for guys now who are conscious about how they look. Ready for summer? This Crimson look is a start.

As Crimson always tries to redefine style, this long-sleeve checkered, button-down polo is a great way to show your muscular frame. A perfect getup for attending an important event, or even going on a date with your girlfriend. Aside from denim pants, it can also go with black trousers or khakis.  

Guys, if you want to look bigger than you are now, then go for bold stripes over white like this polo shirt specifically made by Crimson. Orange is one of the colors of summer and definitely, this shirt is a knock-out. No need to tuck it into your pants, just let it loose as it is, and you will feel both the style and comfort just by simply wearing it as is. 

Another casually laid back look that is wearing a white polo shirt over jeans. The muscle fit of the sleeve is perfect for guys to display their look while going for that clean, boyish yet sexy appeal. 


With all these unique looks, all I can say is that Crimson is a brand of its own that sets apart from the clothing industry because of its specially crafted and intricately designed clothing lines that are not only trendy and hip but stylishly elegant as well. 

Like them on Facebook: Crimson Re-invented and go to your nearest department store and grab these fabulous apparels now! With Crimson, street fashion as well as urban style will never be the same again as it brings out a brand new you every time you wear their delectably manufactured shirts, blouses, pants, and jackets. Finally, you will never see an apparel that has the same style as Crimson designs their collection with one-of-a-kind theme and eye-catching colors and fabric. You will even get everyone's attention as they see you flaunt Crimson's coordinated prints and stripes. 

And, what's more, the price is not heavy on your pocket. Crimson needless to say speaks affordability and style: two things that many of us are looking nowadays. Why settle for an expensive clothing when you can grab a Crimson Shirt or blouse and still look fabulous?

So, what are you waiting for? Buy Crimson apparels now and RE-INVENT YOUR SENSE OF STYLE!

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