Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Visual Merchandising Ideas

One of the main objectives of any business is to earn a huge amount of profit. In order to this, merchandising businesses have to sell their products at the most feasible, attractive and prudent way in order to attract buyers, re-sellers and advertisers alike. I, for instance, look around stores in the Metro to find out their styling aesthetic because the window actually will tell you if you have to go inside or just walk away. Some windows are more attractive than the others. It is the job of the store stylist to make it look not only presentable but chic, modern, not "cheap", classy and most of all economical. The value of the window display dictates the profit of the company because the window is the fronliner of these businesses even without customer representatives telling the buyers what they are selling. It's a cutthroat business. Every store wants to look their best but only a FEW can make my cut for the most dashing displays there are. Here are some of the windows I found at Lucky Chinatown Mall, along Binondo area:

No, they are not selling herbal products. They are selling baguettes. It looks like an art museum or some sort, but this is not your ordinary bakery. A look on the inside will reveal more than just bread.

Sometimes, shoe stores are boring but this one caught my attention because of its color coordinated arrangement and interior simplicity.

Who says kids' store are not stylish? This one says it all: modern, ultra-hip and classy. Looks expensive yes, but once you go inside, the prices are well within your reach.

Who does not love a woman in a perfume ad? Well, this one is not only sexy but depicts power and influence over both men and women.

A black mannequin, though scary, is good to flaunt the clothes. Be sure that clothes are colorful such as this so that it won't camouflage with the mannequin itself.

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