Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Skin Care Tips

Ever wonder where I got these awesome transparent skin that seems so glorious? I did not have this skin when I was growing up. During my teenage years, I used to have pimples just like any other teens. Then I tried different products from the overpowering bleaching cream to the over-the-counter whitening soap. I even tried a collagen powder and a moisturizing oil for my skin. But lately, my sister and Ate Velbeth Demot  introduced me to this wonderful skin care system that is so effective that I need not worry of using or even combining other skin care regimen anymore. My skin acne got erased totally, and never grew back, blemishes  became untarnished and there was not even a sign of acne. What's more, the products at Lanelle Skin Care are BFAD approved, hypo-allergenic and dermatologically-tested which means it is really safe to use since manufacturers have already studied Asian skin and our weather condition to perfect the most suitable skin care products.  Trust me, not just because I am the brand ambassador of Lanelle, these skin care products will give you your best beauty and will transform you into a NEW YOU! You will not even recognize yourself! When I started using the bleaching cream, my skin got stretched that I started to notice it's getting fairer and fairer each day! Now I can truly say, "Only Lanelle touches my skin, who touches yours?"

"Only Lanelle recommends Lanelle Skin Care series to achieve the maximum benefits of Lanelle products. Each beauty set is especially designed to cater specific face and body skin problems and with proper usage, you will be amazed by the results."Example of this basic skin care line is below:

  • Lanelle Black Soap 
  • Lanelle Kojic Soap
  • Skin Whitening Lotion 
  • Skin Moisturizing Lotion 
  • Acne Cream 
  • Peeling Cream 

These six products of Lanelle are the basic skin care series for your face and for your body.

But, you might ask me, How do I get perfectly illuminated skin?Here are my personal secrets:

  • Sleep, sleep, sleep. An adequate eight hour sleep including a nap during day time will rejuvenate your skin and improve elasticity. 
  • Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. I avoid all sorts of oily, fatty and salty foods. Remember, we are not getting younger thus, healthy living is reflected on the quality of your skin.
  • Do not combine any skin regimen with other products. Stick to one brand for skin care. From your soap, facial wash, toner, moisturizer, cream, lotion and sunblock gel. Any integration with other products may not prove to be effective on your skin. So, try to be loyal to one brand only. In my case, I only use Lanelle products all throughout. 
  • As much as possible, avoid the sun. If only there is a Vitamin D supplement, I would take it. The sun does not only damage your skin, it takes away the youthful beauty in you. 
  • Take plenty of water. I drink at least 10-12 glasses a day to re-hydrate myself and keep my skin glowing all day. 
  • Take Vitamin E supplements and most of all take collagen. As we grow, these vitamins are ripped away drastically, so we have to supplement ourselves so that we can get that lovely skin all the time.
  •  Happy thoughts, smile and good aura each day. Nothing beats a good mood the whole day and that mood, that attitude, that mindset is reflected on your skin. As much as possible, try to think only the good memories and smile: it's the best make-up you can have at no cost! And definitely, exercise!
  • Always clean your face before going to bed. Even if you are sleepy, try to moist a piece of cotton then take off that make-up or dirt on your face. Nothing feels much better than a clean face.When you wake up, at least you won't be shocked by looking at your face!
  • Apply mask regularly and visit a dermatologist once a month for your skin care tips and maintenance. 
  • Having a good skin can be costly, but you should know your own skin before applying any skin care regimen. See to it that it's dermatologically- tested and BFAD approved so that you won't get worries. Take note that the only way for any kind of beauty to shine is through his or her skin. With that, LANELLE SKIN CARE offers you a wide variety of products that is suited for your skin. Why don't you try them now? 

For orders, message them on facebook: Lanelle Skin Care International or contact them at these numbers:  0907-514-73930916-695-80000923-534-0777(02)  446-9949 and visit their site at: www.lanelleskin.com for more product information and testimonials. 

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