Saturday, October 11, 2014

Fashion need not be costly

Let us face it! Some of us are afraid of wearing high fashion couture or something out of the ordinary. We are fearful that when others see us, they may say what were we thinking? And, why this outfit? Well, basically, fashion can never be dictated and personal style is something you have or you don't have. When I went to the Grand Bazaar at the Elements Tent at Centris Mall last Saturday, I never thought I could outdo myself by buying only the best tops at a very reasonable price.Before, I don't normally go to bazaar but recently, I have been an addict for sale items and bargains whether it's tops, bags, accessories and shoes. I found out that the Grand Bazaar has a particular stall, name Badoo, a provincial term for clothes. 

The stall is managed of course by the most accommodating, courteous owner I know, Ms. Kristine Chua. When I met Ms. Chua last February at the bazaar, I fell in love with her collection. No, they are not ukay-ukay nor they are used or overused. These tops are imported overruns and they have large sizes too. Even if the styles are of women or ladies, some of the pieces, well I can definitely pull them off. Why? You might wonder. As Kristine would tell it, I have good shoulders, enough for me to be a hanger so that clothes hang/fit on me perfectly. That is why, it is good to have a slender, tall figure.When I and Kristine met, we actually clicked, maybe  because we both love fashion and are Chinese. As a model and fashion stylist myself, I SELECTED the clothing from this pile of clothes and was able to come up with the following looks:

I wore this mustard blazer over my patterned shirts and yellow trousers. Did I pull this look? I can honestly say, yes! Since the sleeves are a bit short, I had it pull into mid arm so that the look of the blazer will go shapely to my long, lean body. I and Kristine had a great time styling my look and it's not that costly to buy these blazers. At buy one, take one for P480.00, who knows you can actually look this good? I know, just visit Badoo at the Grand Bazaar, Centris Mall, this coming 20-21 April 2013. I might be there helping you style yourself!It's not difficult to define your personal style. All you have to do is know your body type, skin tone, personal taste and color vibe, then you are set to restyle your outer beauty. Just visit Badoo and you might find what you are looking for. They have the best, unique, one-of-a-kind overruns that are imported, high quality and stylish. You can even go from a day to night outfit with the collection of clothes from Badoo. 

Look at this turtle neck Aztec style shirt worn with a dark denim pants, white belt, a newspaper boy cap and sunglasses. Don't forget the fringe bags that defy the Asian look but is still very fashionable. I just simply pull this through without over thinking. Thanks to Badoo for making me look fabulous.  

I was inspired to go monochromatic with this look thus with the androgenous like blazer from Badoo with a printed shirt, black trousers, two-toned loafers, some sunglasses and an orange tote, didn't I look one-color,  but take note it's not boring because I manage to match the outfit well and I know my colors if they match my skin tone or not. This blazer is  only P240.00 from Badoo. There are more pieces of this kind from them, why don't you check them out? 

In this photo, you can see Ms. Marshela Jamaira Tan, owner of Chatoyer et Etinceler. The denim jacket suits my beach printed shirt, brown belt and light blue denim pants. Those raisin beaded necklaces are from Ms. Tan, which indeed shimmers and sparkles as I walk. Since I went for a one tone outfit again, I defied the look with a yellow snakeskin tote bag from Belladonna. TIP: If you don't like monochromatic look, don't go there, try experimenting what colors complements your skin first and what suits your body type...Do you love this look? 

My middle eastern inspired look with this tunic also from Badoo: a one tone outfit.  This top is made up of sack fiber which gives the outfit a little twist. With the right accessories, shoes and a tote bag, this look definitely rocked it! Don't you think? You see at Badoo fashion, you can be whoever you want to be with their glamorous, chic and urban tops that contrast the regular chiffon and stripes trends. All they have is simply glamour at an undeniably lower cost!

Finally the red-violet outfit that most of my friends love. With a fringe necklace, a bright red belt, brown pants and the animal printed clothed tote bag, I actually just went to church wearing this. They were actually asking when I went there, "artista? may show?" Well, I just replied, "Wala, it's just Badoo." Actually, it's that violet blazer from Badoo that made the look stand out. It is actually for a corporate woman, but I was able to pull this look with poise and confidence. I think anyone should have these two characteristics so that THEY can wear whatever they want. My advice is that if you are not comfortable with your own skin, then you will not be comfortable wearing any kind of clothing. And, do you know what sets models apart from non-models, it's their aura and charisma to strut the runway with fabulous clothing from designers. 

Do you like what you see? Do you love the tops by Badoo?Here is what is in store for all the fashionistas out there. 


Perfect top for Summer

Cardigan and long sleeves

The Grand Bazaar is indeed a haven of fashion and glamour. And, surely, you will feel fabulous with a wide array of jackets, blazers, trench coats, long sleeves, sheer tops, colored and striped blouses offered by Badoo. The question now is: If I can pull it off, so can YOU? So, what are you waiting for, come to the Grand Bazaar this coming 20-21 April 2013 at the Elements Tent of Centris Mall, Quezon City. See you THERE!For orders and reservations, contact Ms. Kristine Chua at 0917-937-0338 NOW!

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