Friday, October 10, 2014

See-Through Bag

There is something about every bag that catches my attention. One bag in particular, because of aesthetically designed details and intricate colors, made me buy it at P 5,000.00. Another bag, because of its function that allows me to enclose every essential item I bring along when doing photoshoots and runway shows, cost nothing more than P 5,000.00 but only P 500.00, and you know what I am talking about, the bag that is specially distributed by no other than PX BOX, the one bag magnate that speaks of both function and style...

Today, I thought of matching this transparent doctor's messenger bag with an all-military trench coat over trousers with a green coated newspaper boy cap. To emphasize the bag, I usually wear something neutral so that the color of the outfit and the bag will not clash. The onlookers of this bag will take a peak at your belongings so make sure you only show what you intend to show. Don't worry, there are three specially crafted bags (like a kikay kit) where you can place your wallets, make-up, accessories, cellphones and other pertinent items. 

So, if you're worried that this bag is a prey for pickpocketters, don't be because this bag is safely fastened to a durable zipper and its intricate funny and comical design is one way for you to relax from those hard leather tote or clutch bags. This bag is indeed an addition to your bag closet specially during this summer. You can even bring this bag along while fetching your kids in school or even going shopping, attending a PTCA meeting or even buying stuff from Trinoma mall. Surely, you will catch anyone's attention and if somebody will ask you, this bag is specially catered by PX BOX....THE BAG AUTHORITY.


Do you like this look of me carrying the bag? It sure matches the plants even and the outfit. What's more, you need not be a doctor to carry a doctor's bag... and since transparent, glossy items are trend nowadays, you may want to grab this bag now....

For orders, contact Ms. Weng Marfil at 0917-835-5005. Like PX Box on Facebook. For only P 500.00, you will definitely get your money's worth with this bag

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