Saturday, October 11, 2014

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Of all the traits a Filipino possesses, I believe ingenuity is the best characteristic we have. We can create out of anything, from scratch, raw materials, wood, natural products even plastic and metal. Out of these raw resources come the most stylish, innovative, creative and definitely one-of-a-kind pieces and items that Filipinos truly love and foreign visitors undeniably adore. To find these hard-to-find items, you need to go to a handicraft store or the natural product section of the department store just to buy these stuff. Aside from the price  which is a little bit too high, at times, stores do not have what you are looking for and what you want or need. Collectible items, precious necklaces, vintage products and all natural fashion items can only be found in a specific marketplace. 

Then, I found this newest, hippest and definitely Filipino online shopping in town. which is not only an online shop, it is a redefinition of your lifestyle, a sense of fulfillment when you shop for Filipino-made products and a contribution to our local designers and manufacturers. Why settle for expensive branded products when you can patronize OUR own? You are not only becoming patriotic, you are also helping your fellow Filipinos grow their business, promote their own brand and market their products even if it is only a small or medium scale. Sometimes, it is not about who is selling or what is being sold, it is about how you can help Filipino entrepreneurs in their quest for business growth and product popularity and acceptance. But, again what is so special about

Phindies is an online shop that features high-quality, one-of-a-kind items that are handmade, designed or produced by independent Filipino artists, designers and entrepreneurs. With hardwork, perseverance, and ingenuity, these  business people will give you the best and most uniquely designed and elegantly crafted products for all Filipinos and other foreign buyers as well. Its aim is to support and promote upcoming and trendy designers and artists and business people. 

How does it work?  There are new products from various brands that will be featured in this awesome shopping site. The deal or sale will be for a limited period only and guess what, some of these products will be on sale up to 70%. Isn't that just wonderful? Since the products are limited in quantity, if you want to purchase the product, you should do so right away before it lasts! Unlike other online shopping sites out there, the products they have are so distinct and tasteful that if you wear them, you will have no one in comparison to the color or style of the product. You should be a member to be able to avail of the discount. What are you waiting for? Register now and find amazing deals at. The registration is fast, hassle-free, reliable and most of all no obligations are required from new members. It's only one click away to finding the best deals and sale in town.

Just look at the tagline below. It is indeed true that what you purchase can make a difference in people's lives and the impact you make can help a lot of Filipinos attain better living and promote well-being in their families. Since, all Phindies products are 100% handcrafted and Philippines made, you can expect, see, feel and experience true MASTERPIECE OF ART, GENIUS QUALITY AND ORIGINAL INNOVATION that you cannot get from buying expensive things at the mall!

Since I am a fashion blogger, I truly adore, breathe and live fashion. So, here are some of the best products that I like which are crafted by hand, created with passion and sold here with pride: Hiyas Filipinas, Izzo, Luntian Bags, Pitaka, Sosi Bayongs, Tall Things and Teekals. 

These bayongs are handmade the materials of which come from Luciana, Quezon. It is the most practical and sturdy  bag to use whenever you want to go on a  shopping, beach, at a park, date with friends even just leisurely walking in a mall. The fabrics and design are intricately well-made that you will not notice it is a bayong. It is not only stylish, it gives you an edgier taste in fashion and accessories. So, by having this, you do not only carry style, you wear it!

Want to hide your camera but don't know where to place it? Worry no more because Izzo bags and accessories will help you organize your essential stuff like camera, wallets, and cellphone. Most of all, the materials are durable and sturdy that the bags will not get easily stained or damaged even constant use. The bags are disguised as "normal bags" and they are really stylish, colorful and edgy, which are perfect to flaunt this summer season. Why settle for expensive camera cases where you can have these fashionable bags by Izzo?

Care for some bling-blings? Sunny Manila presents these good looking necklaces that come in many sweet iconic chocolates and classic labels that surely will get anyone's attention. The pendant is made from domino tile with a filigree charm and vintage finish gold chain. These eccentric creations are what I call an innovative way of looking at necklaces and pearls. Gone are the shiny, shimmery and sparkling neck pieces. Welcome sweetness and style into one. You can't find these anywhere else, it's only at

Who does not love a fabulous bracelet? Of all the accessories I have modeled and worn, this one tops the list.Not only does it gives you awesome, superb finish to your individual fashion style, it provides you a confidence to flaunt your arms and hands around. This Hiyas Filipinas art collage wristlets have a STYLE of their own. No need of wearing additional bangles or bracelets or even a watch. You can only wear this! Only this! You can be assured that will never see someone also wearing something like this. This creation by Monnick Cruz is not only genius, it defies the traditional round beaded or jeweled bracelet. Her eye for colors, design, choice of materials, textures, shapes and an ensemble of creativity make this one of my proudest choices for accessory of the month. It serves two things: fashion and function. Fashion, due to its style and function, due to its ever-dynamic centerpiece of materials, wearable on whatever occasions, whether formal or otherwise. 

Seen a tarpaulin being used as a wallet? Then here it is! Pitaka (Filipino for wallet) is made of outdoor-type tarpaulin that is lightweight, durable and water resistant. It can fit not only your coins and bills, but also keys, receipts and other essential items you always carry around. The designs in this wallet reflect the local scenery of the Pinoys' pop and culture. By carrying this, you are not only reflecting who you are as a Filipino, you are also endorsing the richness of the Filipino culture, heritage and tradition. This can be a perfect gift or give-away to your families and friends. As a substitute for the usual leather type wallet or coin purse, the Pitaka lifestyle speaks of uniqueness abound in the flavor of pinoy style and culture. This is only available at

Finally, offers this stylish Teekals humor round-neck tee shirts that reflect Pinoy individuality and lifestyle. If you are bored with the statement shirts you are wearing, why don't you try one of these tees that offers fresh and funny Pinoy humor that range from familiar old jokes to original one-liners. The colors, print, design and slogan are so unique and definitely eye-catching that you will get everyone's heads turning to your shirt. They will even ask you, where did you buy that? You can simply answer: at, where everything is unique, affordable and definitely PINOY. 

That is so right, my dear readers! Everything you can find at this online shopping site, you can't find it anywhere else. If you opt for a distinct and individual personal style in fashion, food, novelty, kids fashion, art and design, then look no more, because only gives you the confidence of buying and owning a creation by your fellow Filipinos. Don't settle for something branded, foreign, and pricey, go for the products above and surely, you can say, Filipinos are the greatest designers, craftsmen and inventors. 

So, Browse the website now:  and enjoy pure Filipino ingenuity at its finest!

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