Saturday, October 11, 2014

Stylish Shirts you Love

If there is one word that describes a t-shirt, it is casual. Other than this usual-casual word, there are a lot of adjectives that can describe a shirt...It can be comfy, stylish, rendezvous, street smart, undergarment, or just about anything depending on the person wearing it. Did you know that the plain tee is the most worn top or clothing ever? And, did you know that the tee-shirt is used to be an undergarment and not an outright/outdoor apparel? That is not all, the tee shirt is only worn by men before?

Fashion has evolved ever since. We all know that. Men usually wear a shirt with anything from shorts, chinos, trousers, denims and even with an underwear. So, are you tired of wearing the same old shirt in the same old color, design, style, and fabric? Allow me to introduce you to the newest, hippest shirt outlet in the metro...It is the Tshirt Factory Outlet. Just look at me with their staff during the Great Luxe Bazaar at SMX:

Looks like this is where I belong. They have an amazing line of branded shirts at extraordinarily gigantic discounts you will not find anywhere else.Even in big shopping malls you will not be able to find shirts that are as classy, cool, trendy and affordable as the one being sold by Tshirt Factory Outlet. Let me tell you about the company.

Tshirt Factory Outlet is not your typical fashion boutique. It is another great way to find something stylish for your friends, family or that special someone you like to impress. Worry about what to wear for an upcoming date, engagement dinner or a glamorous party that needs something casual but hip? Let Tshirt Factory Outlet help you. They can guarantee you that you will always find something that fits and gives you a more flattering, glamorous look.  Well, I guess you need not anymore brave the EDSA traffic just to go to the mall only to find a very expensive shirt with the design that you don't even bother to look.  Well, Tshirt Factory Outlet has it all. It is your newest and unique destination for something fashion forward yet within your reach. Let me give you examples of what they have in store for you. 

Wearing Second Skin shirt from Tshirt Factory Outlet, this is another breakthrough to my wardrobe since I usually wear something formal. With a blue belt, mustard denim pants and Gucci sunglasses, this is a look that I always like to wear on a Sunday or a dress down Saturday. That is not all, this large size shirt fits me perfectly because it is 100% branded and imported so you need not worry about feeling the best fabric and getting the comfort and style you want. You will never see someone wearing a shirt that is so chic and effervescent such as the one sold only by Tshirt Factory Outlet. This is only P 200.00. Isn't that incredible? Why is this?

Tshirt Factory Outlet is committed to giving you the best possible fashion experience with their latest in international and local fashion brands such as Abercrombie & Fitch, Aeropostable, Old Navy and H&M. They have every fashionable apparel that is imported, not local of course and uber stylish for the picky and sophisticated men out there, just like me. No matter what your work is, they have something that will fit your budget. Check out the yellow shirt I got here. I put on some black vest to give it a more sexy look and boy, it becomes and looks expensive. That is my motto by the way, I can make things look expensive. Aside from men's shirts, they also have poloshirts, blouses, dresses, denim, skirts and undergarments at your money's worth. So, no need to worry to bring in more cash, when you can simply buy anything of their stuff without worrying the price.

Nothing is more refreshing to wear this season than this Old Navy shirt that reflects that masculine yet definitive style as a person. Set up in the backdrop of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas library...the color of this shirt really pops. Matched with a light brown khaki and brown belt plus leather shoes, the look of this shirt is really amazingly cute and handsome.  

I did match this shirt with a old green jacket just to give it an overall boyish yet still remains that masculine look. The Old Navy is just the brand, but the look is now called New Navy, with a fresh, enigmatic vibe. And, it costs only P 200.00. Isn't this something?

Finally, if you want to look casual yet still retains that formal appeal, something that you can wear in the office, then this Red striped Bold and Stripe shirt brought to you also by Tshirt Factory Outlet. Matched with black khakis and red belt, the color and style of this polo shirt stands out from the crowd.By the way, this only costs P200.00. 

Wanna go into business with Tshirt Factory Outlet? Then, why don't you treat yourself today with their amazing 50% discount. A special 20% discount is offered to wholesale and bulk buyers if you purchase a minimum six (6) pieces. Any questions? You may visit their website or you may email them at or call them at 0922-684-2255. Or, if you want to see the actual items, you may visit their stores located at:

  • Rufino St. corner Valero St. Salcedo Makati
  • Sen. Gil Puyat corner Chino Roces Ave., Makati
  • Balimbing St., Signal Village, Bicutan (opens this month). 

What are you waiting for? Don't just wear something ordinary especially when it is a shirt? Try Tshirt Factory Outlet and you will know what I am saying about. This shirt is the best there is in the industry. Not only because of its price, it's relentlessly one of the hippest and colorful shirts I know...AND I will definitely recommend.

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