Friday, October 10, 2014

Pilipinas Men's Fashion Week

The recently concluded Pilipinas Men's Fashion Week Cycle 3 Spring Summer 2014 was a huge success. It was held last 26-29 September 2013 at Makati City and Robinsons Place Manila Mall. It is the 5th Men's Fashion week in the world, the second in Asia and the first and official in the Philippines. It was founded by the uber creative Nico Agustin Menswear and by the talented MJ Alminanaza of Project Runway. Last Saturday, I was fortunate to attend the said show at a front row seat together with my fellow School of the Fashion and the Arts alumna Joy Chua. The show featured one of the breath-taking yet wearable, stylish yet comfortable, and fashionable spring summer collection I have ever seen...but with an appealing twist.

The Saturday show consisted of two segments: Overdrive and Roadbloack, each composed of five fashion designers showcasing what could have been the BEST looks for the upcoming spring summer 2014 season. Just look at their poster below and some of my favorite looks shot by one of the best photographers in the country, Diego Lee, who by the way is a medical doctor by profession. (Note: these are the personal views of the blogger and does not necessarily reflect that of the designer, the model or the show organizers.)


I love how androgynous this look is by MJ Alminanza. I could definitely see any man this coming summer wearing this look and I adore those necklaces. The top has been cut wisely to match those leg fitted pants.

Richie Bondoc's perfectly white collection is a heaven. Nothing beats summer with an all white ensemble that crafts the true markmanship of every Filipino guy. As fresh and crisp as this look is, Richie made a powerful statement that white is both elegant and wearable not only for summer.

Earl Gariando's preppy but urban look is what mystifies me. The polo shirt and denim pants plus sneakers accessorized with a super cute vest gave this look a modern twist. Anyone wearing this will definitely catch everyone's attention. 

Joy Chicano satirical yet appealing look for summer is what I have been waiting for a long time. Those high-waisted pants and long sleeves made this look a glamorous summer outfit without not being too over-the-top. This particular attire is a dimensional masterpiece that took my breath away. What a different way to showcase summer attire!

Donn Delantar's work is fancy, playful, chic yet ready-to-wear. Since yellow is my favorite color, I selected this out of his collection since it was styled well, those polka dot pants matched the asymmetrical top. What can be more stylish that placing a yellow boyish hat to complete the look. Two thumbs up! 

Manny Halasan's take on glamour is sophisticated and gorgeous. The colors complement each other and the fabrics used were simply elegant that it does not take over the design of this gown. Truly, the designer knows his colors well.

Jolex Ramos is a brilliant designer having combined the IN colors of summer. The floral design of the top and loose fitting pants are indeed perfect for summer. It would be a glam if there is a male version of this, which I would definitely wear.

Ruth Linganay, my facebook friend in this Victorian sexy inspired dress that I believe showcased the female form and sexiness without being too pompous. Mikee Andrei gave justice to word: glamorous. The pedora hat was the perfect accessory for this outfit, which, I guess can also be worn with a mask in a masquerade ball. Kudos to the designer!Job well done!

Dave Ocampo's dress is simply fashionable that is the most perfect dress to flaunt during summer. The two-piece skirt is a fabulous piece itself. It's the modern version of a Hawaiian dress styled enough to make it very versatile looking and glamorous.

I was ecstatic to see the skin toned detail of this gown that is both eccentric and impressive, nothing I have seen before. The cut, fabric and color make it a perfect substitute for a long sequined dress or a short laced dress. Lhenvil Paneda gave this look something to mesmerize and mystify at.

The see-through sleeveless top with capri pants were an awesome finale of the runway show. Not only that it looks comfortable, the fabrics used were definitely a stand-out and with minimal accessories, anyone can strike a pose at the beach with this outfit. Kim Gan apparently took spring summer fashion to the next level.

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