Saturday, October 11, 2014

Looks of the Blogger

Despite being busy these past few days on writing my book, I still managed to dress up the looks that I always wanted to do. Be it preppy or smart, cool or funky, corporate or casual, formal or street wear, these looks are undoubtedly my most favorite looks of all time. The fact that these looks are, I believe one of my best, these were also featured in Lookbook. Style Bible and Fashionfreax websites. It must be noted that styling for any occasion be it a date or dinner, lunch or movies, is sometimes arduous. You do not over think or over analyze your outfit because it can get worse, over styled, and you might end up becoming a fashion victim, rather than a trendsetter or head turner. For style to be effective,  a person should have a basic knowledge on how to combine different colors, fabric, cloth, texture and style of any outfit/attire. It is not adequate that the you wear something on top and something beneath. It takes more than that. Below are examples of my outfit I WORE for the past few days. Please leave a comment below, to either like it, dislike it, or if you want to give suggestions on how to improve this fashion website, not my looks, you may do so as well. 

Top is by Solo, Pants by Code Blue and Shoes are by Salvatorre Mann, Bag is by Korea Fashion

Top is by Tank, Pants are by Code Blue and Shoes are from a store in ABS CBN Compound

Top is by Markus, Pants are by Tank and Shoes are from Wade

Blazer is by Main Street, Inner Shirt by Kultura, Pants are by Bench, Shoes by Itti and Bag by Korean Fashion

Cap is by Onesimus, Blazer by Markus, Pants are by Penshoppe, Shoes are from ABS CBN Compund, Inner Shirt by Perfect White Shirt

Coat by Trinoma Mall, Polo by Code Blue, Pants by Min Street

Shoes by Sperry, Pants by Penshoppe, Blazer by Mint, Inner Shirt from Greenhills and Belt by YRYS.

Jacket by Badoo, Pants by Main Street, Belt by YRYD, Inner Shirt by Graphic Tees, Bag by Figliarina

Inner Shirt by Tank, Pants by Markus, Shoes by Salvatorre Mann

Blazer by Mint, Shirt by Markus, Pants by V plus and shoes by Sperry

Jacket by Mint, Pants by Penshoppe, Shoes by Flipped Out Cockatoos, Cap by Msense and Shirt by Mint


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