Saturday, October 11, 2014

Accessories Must Haves

Let's face it: accessories either make you or break you! It does not take a long time for any girl who wants to look good to put on some bangles, necklaces or rings. However, when women are faced with various accessories, they usually just want to wear them all, just like an arm party collection on the wrist or a dozen piece of necklaces hanging over the outfit.Whatever accessories women want to wear, it all depends on the color, texture, style of the dress or outfit more so, how one should carry them. Any attire can look outlandish or fabulous if not partnered with the appropriate accessories. You will definitely agree with me that an accessory is an addition to beauty, an added value to a dress and can make or break any look! Check out what I have for you below: Since, summer is here in the Philippines. I decided to go for an all out war, that is, an arm party:

Here you can see I matched the five piece arm party collection with a skull leather cuff, a brown naturally made wristlet, a spike leather bracelet,  a black onyx and a charmed bracelet. Styling tip: Be sure you don't match the same colors or styles to give your arm party a flair and a flavor. 

But, when it comes to accessorizing myself, I only choose one fashion accessory: the Chick Flick! Remember that any woman wants to look fabulous always and any outfit would not be complete without a piece of accessory. Chick Flick, which reminds me of  movies dedicated to young girl teens or growing up ladies, has it all. Here, I am wearing a floral fabric ring from Chic Flick. Isn't it cute?It definitely highlights my skin tone. 

An arm party collection rendition of Chic Flick featuring a silver and black round beads, a white spiked leatherette bracelet, an orange wristlet, a black and gold tiny beaded bracelet and a brown-gold ensemble. Take note that all round beads, when doing an arm party, should not go together. Try to insert some leather or anything made of wood, cloth or brass.

Only Chic Flick delivers the two rings in perspective to fashion. One portrait ring and the other butterfly ring can catch anyone's attention. The good thing about these rings are that they are effortlessly fabulous. Add glamour to your outfit with these rings and surely, you can now walk and stand tall confidently.  

Another favorite from Chic Flick is this elephant brass necklace which does not contrast with the background of my printed shirt. You don't need to wear something plain or monochrome so that your accessories will always stand out. What you can do is wear something that is edgy but still resembles that stylish, sexy but awesome appeal. 

Of course, Chic Flick having pink as the official color, places all the orders of its customers in this cute black, netted cover with a tag from Chic Flick, contact numbers as well as facebook and instagram details. Now, you don't have to worry for your accessories to get lost, just place them here and viola! You are now on the go! 

Look they also have a dancing lady long necklace for a price of P 120.00. This is already worth it.  

Finally, the Chic Flick collection of rings from snake, to butterfly, to pearls and peacocks and even to mustache. With a wide array of colors to choose from, you can surely match every piece to any outfit you like!

Ladies, it's time to be the CHIC  as you always are! Wear these fabulous and affordable accessories and FEEL THE NEW YOU! Stand out, besides it's Women  Month. So, celebrate YOU! For orders, contact Ms. Leine De Jesus at 09178578968 now! Like Chic Flick on facebook!

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