Thursday, January 1, 2015

Accessories from fabric: a trend for 2015

There are many fabrics being used in fashion: rayon, polyester, nylon, silk, satin, cashmere, sheepskin, leather and cotton. These are the only some of the textures that designers use in transforming their passion into fashion; and  where they materialize their craving for fruitful creations and astounding works of art. But, there is always that style that stands out! For me, it is this ring made of fabric, or a cushion that has been transformed into a ring. 

Since I was wearing an all gray outfit with a medium aquamarine loafers and purse, I made it a point that I wear only the best accessories during my visit to my sponsors at the Grand Celebrity Bazaar. During my visit, I was mesmerized by the cushion ring from My Fabric Projects. It so happened that the ring I chose was also this grayish printed color so I had an overall monochromatic look that day.

The ring which exemplifies chic, modern and style is all what I need to complete the look. The pattern of the cushion gave it an overall iconic impression to those who will look at it. My friends would even touch it commenting its style and ask what its material. Obviously, I would answer it is  the cushion. These come from various swatches of fabric we usually throw. They can apparently be made into this type of ring.  Who would think about that? Only Myra of My Fabric Projects can do that. With her eccentric creativity, love for fabric and sophisticated taste in style, she can surely transform any texture or cloth to a unique, one-of-a-kind ring, headband, hair clips, and anything sexy and fun to wear/use. Rings are not only she has, she can also make cushions where we can place or display or well beloved accessories. 

The cushion that can surely be used to place my bangles, bracelets, cuffs and even my brooch and rings. It can even be used to display your watches and arm bands. Of course, only Myra of My Fabric Projects can do this! In three colors, cloudy brown, black and gray, this cute cushion and accessory holder made from fabric material is stuffed with soft linings so the accessories just blend in and fit  perfectly. Just look at how I use these fabric pieces below: Three Fs: fabulous, fun and fashionable.

Accessory Cushion handles every piece of my accessory.

It captures the color of my accessories well so it gives a more stylish look. 

She makes other stylish novelty items and home pieces from fabric too. 

My sponsor Myra of My Fabric Projects during my visit in her stall at the Grand Celebrity Bazaar

Bed cover/sheet made from stylish, colorful swatches/fabric. Complete your look with those envelope purse and wallets from your favorite cloth/texture. They are perfect for summer outfits. 

Cool headband pieces of various hues and styles Perfect for your daughters and teens.Give your teens a summer definition with these headbands.

Just three words, my dear readers: FABRIC IS IN! Don't settle for those metallic, spike or leatherette pieces all the time when it comes to your accessories! TRY My Fabric Projects and get an new, interesting look to your wardrobe!

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