Thursday, January 1, 2015

Fabulous necklace to have in 2015

You all know that I love accessories and I can not leave the house without them. Any outfit or attire would not be complete without a piece of bling: It can be a watch, a ring, some piece of necklaces or even something to carry. As far as I can remember, I have never left my abode without carrying something. It can be a watch or a purse or a bag. I would be completely irrelevant and out-of-style. The accessory has become part of my psyche and I just can't go anywhere without something hanging on my skin or something I would carry along. Thank goodness I have found the perfect solution to this fashion dilemma. 

Introducing the creativity that is out of the box from Monnick Cruz. Unlike other  accessory designers, Monnick Cruz  does not simply transform a precious gem or stone into a necklace or bracelet. She uses eccentric and hard-to-find materials for all her creations which make them more sophisticated and one-of-a-kind. You will never meet someone or somebody wearing a necklace, ring or cuff which is exactly the same as hers. Her jewelry is simply adorable thus, I call it Monnicklace, a perfect combi of Monnick and necklace. It just came to my mind that she can create anything out of those soft, smooth hands. Guess what, her passion for fashion and eye for intricate details are what makes her creations so astoundingly sexy and truly mesmerizing. Well, if you want to know what I am talking about, check out her latest creations below:

Do you know what these bracelet or cuff is called? These are Bags and Shoes Cuff and they are made of cat's eye stones. Well, you better wear something like this if you are in business because this particular stone has a lot of benefits. The cat's eye stone is highly recommended for those in business. It protects the wearers against losses in business and ensures financial stability. Rich and wealthy persons can wear it as it will act not only as a guardian of its owner's wealth but will lead to further accumulation of riches. The stone also gives the powers of strong determination to do things and is highly recommended for those having birth numbers 2 and 7 or those, who are governed by the planet moon. So, if you want to add more revenues to your business and earn more profit, why don't you consider wearing this all day specially when making a deal or during negotiation, I am pretty sure you will get a good  deal that will bring in more sales thus increase profits. 

A perfect piece of nature is hanging on my neck and the disc in the middle is not just any disc. It is Mother of Pearl disc pendant that truly exemplifies one's beauty and aura of any person wearing it. When I wore this, there is something stunning and beautiful about it that my aura for this particular time was radiating. Thanks to Monnick Cruz in creating this masterpiece of fashion. An example of true beauty and an instant redefinition of style. I am certain that I will be the only one wearing this kind of necklace. Truly, magnificent and gorgeous!

Creating this took a lot of time and effort. See the materials she used? Acrylic beads, wax cord, ceramic tube beads, copper wire and most of all the Mother of Pearl Disc Pendant. Beauty always comes with a price, but the materials she used are not that expensive. I am truly fortunate to wear one of her stunning creations. 

Wearing an all gray top during my visit to my sponsors was a challenge last week. I don't know how to stun myself and others with the attire since it was too monochromatic or one toned. Fortunately, Monnick Cruz came up with this summer ensemble necklace that shines and hangs like a playful piece of accessory. If you look at it, it stands out in my outfit and well, if you want to get noticed, you can wear this necklace and see your friends looking at it and asking about it all day, all night. 

It was a not a total challenge for Monnick to create this as she is an accessory expert, a genius when it comes to accessories. See? She grabbed some yarn tassels and murano beads and connect/put them together with the lampword glass beads, metal bead caps and wood beads, and all you get is this surprisingly beautiful piece of work that signifies three S: SEXY, SUMMER AND SOPHISTICATION. Truly, I adore this piece and is one of my favorite creations of Monnick. 

You know what? She can create something for you too. Just tell her your birth sign, your hobbies, interests, skills or even tell her something about you and she can magically put some art and fashion to every piece of stone, gem, wire, or bead she sees. A genius as she is, Monnick Cruz is fascinating and her work is even more fascinating. For orders, visit her Facebook Page: Monnick Cruz or contact her at 0915-700-1835. 

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