Thursday, January 1, 2015

My various styles in social media

The social media has taken us by storm. We can now connect to whoever we want anytime without necessarily going to see the person. Media has a strong influence in fashion as it sets the trend, the style, the mode in fashion styling and design. That is why I have registered in the most prominent social media sites where I can post my pictures, get likes, invite and add friends as well as get inspired by the many styles of people, whether street or glam, casual or formal from all over the world. I get to know how other people dress themselves and how they set trends too. As Asians, we are not as different from Europeans and Americans when it comes to setting the trend. It may not be Paris, New York, London or Milan, fashion can be everywhere and by everyone. It can be said that the world is MY runway. 

The first one is the famous Lookbook which is the leading online community centered around shoppable personal style photography that can help you show the art of your style and enhance your look through inspiration and feedback. If you want to find out my styles, do check my profile here: Lookbook - Dexter Ginete.

My second favorite site is Chictopia which is an ultimate online destination for trendsetters to be inspired, socialize and share in fashion. Initially, it has an audience of female style enthusiasts but now guys like me are into this. It is easier to upload, give comments, get inspired and they have rewards button too. What more could you ask for in a site? That is why I am loving this site, although I am very new here. Some of my followers are actually loving my style. If you want to check out my profile, click here:  Chictopia - GINETEDW.

The third favorite site is Fashionfreax  which is an urban and hip site to guide me in style inspirations where my style is my creation and I can get fresh ideas on how to reinvent my taste in fashion. As it is, this site has a platform that helps stylists and fashionistas like me inspire others and get inspired as well. The site promises that we are not covarting through expensive luxury fashion which gets sold by fashion magazines-- but see the real outfits and creations which are worn by my fellow fashionistas at fashionfreax. If you want to see my profile and my styles, visit here:  retxed25cpa.

The fourth social media site that I registered just this week had derived more Wows! in my looks. I just uploaded two looks but I got so many hits and views already. I am talking about What I wear which features lots of different styles from diverse people all over the world. Through this website, every member will help define other person's sense of style and fashion. I just love their motto that they believe that everybody deserves to be a star and in the spotlight. If you want to see more of my styles, please check my profile here: Dexter Wee Ginete.

Finally, the local version of social site is the online counterpart of Preview Magazine, a leading fashion magazine in the Philippines which is  I have been a member since 2012 and I have been No. 2 and 3 as top posers of Style Bible. Several of the top posers there are my fellow fashion bloggers to whom I have already met in a blogger bazaar. The good thing about the Style Bible is that they will post the photos in random so you will get to see the what people are wearing, what brands they are using and what is IN this season, whether it's wet or dry. If you want to find out more about Style Bible, check out my profile now: GINETEDW

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