Thursday, January 1, 2015

Interior Design Ideas

This is not my normal blog since I will be writing about interior design. I recently visited Robinsons Place Manila and found some interesting stores that cater to affordable yet fabulous furniture and fixtures that can be placed in your homes and condo units. Since I am living in a condo, I was looking for a lamp shade to help me get to sleep better. Home Options are one of the stores in Robinsons. They cater delectable pieces, artsy crafts, colorful designs and authentic furniture all within your reach. The other stores are City Mattress and Dimensione where they also offer comfortable and stylish beds. I am not a professional interior designer but I will just simply describe them as much as possible.  They can also be inspirations for interior designers too. Here are some of the pieces I LOVE to have in my own 30 square meter living space:

Classy and Ornate. The colors are astounding.

Beautiful and perfectly crafted bed.

Functional and comfortable sofas for you to sleep on.

A perfect calm and relaxing scenery in your living room.

Pleasant looking and artistic pieces to accentuate your living room.

Amaze your friends with what you have in your wall!

Time pieces should not be boring. It should be stylish like this one.

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