Thursday, January 1, 2015

Get your fall winter look from

I am very elated to have received new fashionable products from one of the coolest online shopping destinations, I have blogged about this shopping site before and I shall provide with an in-depth look of what they have in store for you and me. Before going any further, allow me to inform you more about this new site. is an online e-commerce company offering tens of thousands of categories and products that do not only include fashionable apparel but also consumer electronics, computer accessories, video games, iPod & iPhone accessories, flashlight and communications products as well. Their products are always on stock with  very unbeatable prices, something you will never find in any online shopping site. Aside from these your orders can be shipped as fast as a lighting speed anywhere in the world. What's more, only in can you get more 10-70% discount compared to others. They also offer free shipping service for any product you order. 

Two of the products they sent me are my most favorite...I have been blogging a long time and have received several products from sponsors, but I have never worn a jacket as cool as this...Leisure Zip thicken Hoodie Jacket... 

This Leisure Zip thicken fleece overcoat hoodie for men is perfect for me. It is 100% brand new and of high quality. Why it is perfect specially this cold season in the country? Well, it has a leisure style warm oblique zipper fleece that are so adjustable. It is personalized for my wearing style because I like wearing something cover-on, especially when it is a coat or jacket.

It is equipped with a slanting zip design and soft connected hat. It is made of quality material which is durable enough for wear and tear. It can keep you warm and cozy, suitable for spring, autumn and winter. How cool is this? This is awesome since even if it is hot in the country, I can still wear this, even under the hear of the sun. This is a smart choice for my style, my comfort and of course can fit perfectly in the different colors of my wardrobe. The materials cotton blend and fleece are perfect for my skin. Since, I am an Asian, my size is XXXL which is size 20 for UK, size 18 for US and 22 for AU. The denim blue matches the color of my skin tone. What is good in that when you order, it has a size chart that is ready for your reference, so that you will get the correct apparel in your correct size. However, be sure to measure yourself first before ordering so the size  of the clothes will definitely fit your body. As you know in fashion, the fitting of the clothes is really important.

Look at how I transform this hoodie jacket into a fashionable apparel. The denim blue color of the jacket matched the wool green of my denim pants and red boots. What a perfect look to wear this autumn and winter! The backdrop is adorable for this look. Want to get this look? Visit My Lookbook for more of my stylish looks.

You can also wear it something like this.With a red inner shirt, plus cool sunglasses from Oxygen, surely you can impress any girl or friend. Just make sure you wear it with style and confidence so that the cool look of the shirt will flaunt your assets. Some people say that jackets are made to hide your assets, but this particular photo made my look more admirable, isn't it? At only $15.10, you will definitely get your money's worth since aside from this stylish jacket, you protect yourself from the harmful ways of the cold and hot weather as well as protect your belongings like wallet and mobile phones because of its specially designed hand pockets. Of course, this hoodie jacket is designed by Vin Shibuya, a brand that sells classic pieces of art that are specifically made for Asian like me. Aside from this hoodie jacket, you can also shop several male apparel at like:

Fashion Men Casual Lake Blue Two Buttons Single Breasted Blazer Suit Size L

at USD $29.01

Fashion Men Dark Gray Hooded Long Sleeve Hoodie Coat Outwear Tops Size XXL

at USD $19.89

Men Thicken Fleece Overcoat Hoodie with Oblique Zipper Hat Coffee Size M

at USD $15.10

Soft Men Inclined Zipper Thicken Casual Hooded Hoodies Coats Black Size XL

at USD $17.02

Aside from the above hoodie jacket, I was able to also wear their latest accessory like this men's fashion belt rough wild line personality casual belt which costs only $5.34 at

What is interesting is that when you purchase at bulk orders, you may get this belt at a lesser price, like instead of paying $5.34 per piece for 5 pieces, you can only get it at $5.13 and when you order for 100 pieces, you get it at only $4.81. Isn't this amazing?Check out how I wore this belt below:

The white belt complemented my red shirt and green pants. The red high cut boots gave it a more interesting appeal. The fall background is a much needed view to perfectly match this look.  This belt is really fashionable that it can be worn by women too in all kinds of styles, be it casual or office, streetwear or party.The pure white color with synthetic leather material and ring-like holes are so enticing that it can provide you with a more street style yet more high fashion look, compared to those boring plainly colored, plainly designed belts you see men and even women are wearing. To complete a good look wearing the jacket and belt, here is an example:

Aside from the white belt above, has other types of belt in store for you. Check out their stylish belts at a very affordable price. Guess what, they can ship this for you for free, no matter where you are in the world. Isn't that great?

Outdoor Canvas Belt Tactical Wargame Military Belt Waistband Army Green

at USD $9.11

Outdoor Army Belts Durable Adjustable Tough Canvas Belts

at USD $9.38

Tactical Trainer Belt Outdoor Wargame Military Canvas Webbing Belt Khaki

at USD $9.11

Fashion Canvas Belts Adjustable Durable Cool Belts

at USD $9.38

So, what are you waiting for? Grab these fashionable items now at and get ready for the fall winter fashion season with their eccentrically designed apparel and ready-to-wear items, shipped to you anytime, anywhere in the world. What I like about this website is that you can be certain that the item you ordered is exactly the item you will receive, in good perfect condition. No hassles, no returns, no extra charge. Just excellent quality and good customer service. Are you tired of waiting for your online orders to come?Or, are you weary that what you will receive is not what you ordered? Well, will never let you down! Try visiting their site now and you'll know what I am talking about!

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