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Reinvent Casual Fashion with Crimson

Hey guys, I have some good news to tell you! Summer is evidently upon us and what we want to do is wear something lightly textured and brightly-colored. The attire that is suited for this season comes in various colors and designs from sheer, colored, floral, chiffon, denims and patterns. While this is prevalent among the fashion houses and boutiques in the metro, I have found a perfect substitute for all these fashionable items. This is from the re-invented, reinvigorated and refashioned styles of Crimson Re-Invented. Why do you have to wear something expensive when you can experience high-quality style at an affordable price? And why carry branded denim pants when you can practically flaunt one with style and confidence? Only Crimson can bring you the latest tees, round or V-neck, sheer top, printed polo and even the latest fitted, skinny or slim denim pants that will obviously accentuate your figure and give you the shape you always wanted. Before, I will promote the Crimson brand with me wearing their latest summer tees and denim collection, allow me to give you a background about Crimson. 

For all of you who want to know where the word crimson was derived, well  Crimson is actually a strong, bright, deep red color (Wikipedia), originally the color of the Kermes dye produced from a scale insect. It is the color that is between red and rose. Did you know that the Romans call it purple? The dye which was called the carmine dye was once widely prized in America and Europe. It was used in paints and crimson fabrics. 

Today, this particular color dye is used for coloring foodstuffs, medicines and make-up.There are also variations of the color crimson.The color that is nearest to Crimson Re-invented is KU Crimson, which was the official color of University of Kansas. Let us get back to this apparel brand which I truly love and admire wearing! Look at their current poster above. Don't you just love this ribbed cotton rich "sando" or athletic sleeveless shirt? The colors and styles of these tops for men will provide every guy out there three things: (1) comfy material for the skin, (2) fresh and sexy appeal, and most of all, (3) an attractive and defined look that is perfect to display this summer season. Indeed, Crimson has all the stylish tops and bottoms that you must really own and fill your demanding fashion needs and wardrobe.You don't have to look for elsewhere! Let Crimson provide you the latest trends in casual clothing. And, let me tell you something about Crimson Re-Invented. 

Crimson is the flagship brand of Sevens Creative Apparel Corp.,  a company that specializes in different clothing brands and distributes nationwide in over 100 departments stores such SM Malls, Gaisano NCC Mall, Ever, Isetann, Centro and Lee Super Plaza. It was founded in 1990 and Re-Designed in 2013, thus the brand name Crimson Re-invented. 

Crimson has focused on manufacturing high quality merchandise using only the best fabric-100% cotton in all its products. Their fashion produce are mostly catering to men's aging 13 to 40. They also create stylish clothes catering to ladies group as well as preteens and girls teens. For the women, they have a complete collection of tops, bottoms and dresses, so, for all the ladies out there, you need not worry of matching the blouse with another brand. Crimson will take care of it FOR YOU! Thus, I could say that Crimson is not only a color, it's a redefinition of your sense of fashion and your key to unique and comfortable casual wear. What else will you be asking for? Crimson has it all: Just 3C's: Color, Cut and Comfort. 

Here are some of the latest shirts of Crimson Re-invented you can find at your favorite malls and department stores nationwide modeled of course by yours truly, The Stylista:

Wearing the Crimson slim fit denim long pants which is a product of a hardwake wash grinding, the Crimson V-neck tee with print is a masterpiece of its own. Matched with a green cap and a blue belt, this top/bottom combi is so stylish that you need not wear  anything else like necklace watch or jacket). The color which is blue-indigo matches my skin and is very suitable to wear this hot season. Shirt costs only P 489.75 while pants are P 849.75.

The striped slubs round neck t-shirt which are white and gray in color are so uniquely designed that it can match my formal hat. Summer need not all be colored and patterned, you can also wear this shirt that is comfortable yet designed as vintage-like which is a part of the clothing instead of being sewn or embossed. This is really one of my favorite shirts from Crimson. Shirt costs only P 499.75. 

The basic printed V-neck shirt is a must-have for men, young or old. You can never go wrong with this shirt as it can be paired with denim, trousers, chinos, khakis and even short pants. The V-cut is a perfect style to give you a more elongated neck and a good posture. The prints on the front are not overbearing since men generally do not want to catch attention. The color and print are just enough to provide an effortless style. 

Should you want to look cool but never too confident or stylish but never outlandish, try this long sleeves stripes with hood that has a white and navy blue combination. You can look like a sailor wearing this or the boy next door or just simply the guy that every woman loves to hang out with. With a newspaper boy cap and a Crimson denim pants, this look is effortlessly cute but simple. Costing only at P 699.75, this long sleeves is comfortable enough to be worn as is or in the middle of your arms. You can wear it day or night!

The color of this Crimson shirt is not green. It is light blue shirt that is Aviation inspired and is just the shirt you need to inspire the girl of your dreams. Going casual on a date, movies or shopping, or even heading out to the beach, this shirt is the top to be worn. Pair it with your fave shorts or pants, then you are good to go! In my case, I decided to put on some hats and shades to don an overall summer look!

If you want to look attractive this summer and get the girl's attention, this printed stripes summer tees can help you! Made from 100% cotton fabric, the fine material, red and blue stripes and even the anchor design detail give the shirt an overall appeal that you cannot resist! Wear your fave sunglasses and you are definitely beach-ready. Just make sure you wear your suntan lotion and protect that precious skin. This shirt really makes my skin shine not only because of its color but also of the way it is printed. 

This Aviation printed Crimson V-neck tee is just the way to do it! Not too extravagantly designed, this is a classic example of glam without styling too much. As the print is not embossed, but looks like it is part of the shirt, the print and design made the shirt more interesting and attractive to wear. You can never go wrong with this shirt! All you can do is wear this. I had the cap inverted and put on some sunglasses to give it a more boyish look. 

Finally, my fave piece from Crimson is this Classic Cut and Sew Double Tuck with print that has a white and orange combination. The colors are not so loud nor neon to distract one's attention. So, if your friends are staring at you, they will be looking at your face or body, not the shirt itself. The shirt will just give you an emancipated, vibrant, attractive appeal that you thought you never had before. Styled well and colored perfectly, the logo on the shirt as well as its color is not too casual nor too formal, which is why it is the absolute shirt to be worn on a date, meeting, even casual work Fridays, shopping, movies with friends, buying your own car or even looking for a condo unit. Summer is here and so is the color orange. Bright as the sun, the color orange gives you a fresh, young and convincingly manly look but still retains that playful, funky and manly character you possess. With a pair of dark denim long pants or black trousers, this polo shirt can be worn just as is without having to wear a necklace or watch. With this shirt, you can go from a day to night look without the need to change the top. Thus, two words: Crimson Redefined. Wear this and your style is redefined. For only P 569.75, you can get this look already!

What else are you waiting for? Grab these pieces now at the department stores and malls nationwide nearest you. Just to name a few, in Luzon, Crimson Re-invented can be found at SM Ortigas, SM Fairview, SM Cubao, and Isetann Recto. Also, you can shop for these tops and denim pants at SM Cebu and Lee Super Plaza for Visayas area at Gaisano Digos and NCCC Tagum in Mindanao. You can also visit ZALORA Online shopping for easier and more convenient shopping. Should you want to know more updates and promos about this fabulous brand, visit and LIKE Crimson Re-Invented on Facebook. 

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